The below testimonials came from real people who took a class (or classes) from us. They’re unedited. We appreciate every testimonial we can get! Please email us at info@CarryOnColorado.com. Since some or many of these came when we were under the name 3 Gun Dynamics, instead of changing everything to “Carry On Colorado,” we decided to leave them all as-is. Just understand that the names 3 Gun Dynamics and Carry On Colorado are used interchangeably. Thanks so much to all of you for the kind words! Carry on, everyone!!

“One of the things I love about my job right now is that I have opportunities to meet awesome people all over the country. Two weeks ago, I was in Castle Rock, CO with Jeff and Jenna Meek of Carry On Colorado. They are both genuinely *nice* people, and their level of professionalism as instructors really impresses me. I love that they are both dedicated to learning more and bringing the best to their students!”
Kathy Jackson, author, firearms guru, owner of Cornered Cat

“Just attended a Level One Class run by Jenna (Jeff was sick). I was very impressed with her knowledge of the subject and with her vivacious and passionate delivery of the information. It’s good to see an instructor with so much excitement about the quality information she’s teaching.”
Marc MacYoung, author, television personality, self-defense expert, owner of No Nonsense Self-Defense

[Note: Brian Sack actually said this. If you don’t believe me, here’s a related video. So I’m taking him at his word. But yes, it’s all in good fun.]

“Carry On Colorado is the greatest firearms training company in Colorado. No, ya know what, it’s the greatest firearms training company in the entire world. But maybe that’s the money they gave us talking.”
Brian Sack, host of The Blaze TV’s former show B.S. of A with Brian Sack

“From tears to cheers! I went to this class absolutely terrified of guns, but having recently purchased a property in the middle of the woods and having large cat tracks on said property, I knew that I needed to know how to handle a weapon. Jenna was recommended to me by a friend, and I am so very grateful that I reached out to her. At first, I was taken aback by some of the safety conversation which had me in a state of near panic, but she had me take a deep breath and we started with a solid plastic training gun and went into depth on the basics until I had the basics down before moving onto unloaded, and then finally loaded. She took her time and was patient with me. After we found what I was comfortable with, we took some time to work on how to aim, and some tips to improve my groupings and such. I told my boyfriend before I went to the class that I would learn, but likely would have no interest in shooting again. Now we’re discussing when we’re going to go shooting with the gun that I liked. I thought that this would be 2 hours of torture, but by the end I found that I was enjoying myself. If you are apprehensive about using a gun, I would encourage you to book some lessons with Jenna. She was absolutely amazing, and she helped me face one of my biggest fears with so much patience and grace, and had so much enthusiasm for me when I did well. Thank you so very much!!!!”
Ali S.

“Enjoyed the real world experiences rather than just putting facts/info on slides.”
Stephanie P.

“Appreciate you two.”
Cole S.

“Great job!”
Carolyn A.

“Great information, well organized and clear.”
Carol S.

“Great course!”
Daniel C.

“Jeff and Jenna are more thorough, professional, and knowledgeable than any instructor I’ve had in 12 years of military and civilian firearms instruction.”
Daniel L.

“I’ve taken 2 other of CCW classes. This far exceeds both.”
Bill G.

“Thanks, informative, easy & fun class.”
Dawn W.

“Very informative.”
Jeff A.

“Great instructors.”
James V.

“Great introduction to CO law and a refresher in basics we all need to be reminded of always!”
Patrick C.

“I enjoyed it and I am definitely interested in taking more with/through Carry On Colorado.”
Cara B.

“Thoroughly informative class for beginners, moderate trained, and formerly trained civilians! Highly recommend.”
Devin M.

“I will def. be enrolling in future classes! Thanks for the great presented info.”
Jeremy S.

“This course [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] is a great foundation for all who feel duty and responsibility to self and community involvement as well as to voice and protect civil liberties.”
Francisco M.

“Very informative!”
Clay S.

“The instructor [Jeff] is very knowledgeable and a skilled presenter.”
Jeff E.

“Real world applications and scenario’s were very helpful in keeping it grounded and personlly applicable. [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]”
Greg B.

“Great class! [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]”
Chad J.

“I knew very little about handguns and safety before taking the class. I now feel confident to begin practicing firearm safety and shooting at the range on my own.”
Jeff S.

“Excellent! Well presented and great responses/follow-ups on questions.”
William L.

“Awesome class, will be back.”
Lauren F.

“This class truly helped me get over my fears and learn how to safely handle a gun.”
Caley S.

“Jenna is great and was very good at covering the material. She helped me and my year year old daughter feel safer with handling a gun and protecting ourselves if ever needed.”
LeAnne S.

“I would strongly recommend this class [to anyone] that planning to own a gun or moved to Colorado from out of state and needs to have a CHP.”
Amitava B.

“Extremely informational.”
Madison L.

“The class is amazing 100% worth the time and money.”
Caleb L.

“I would tell everyone I know to take this class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] and I trust them to teach my wife daughter son and will set it up.”
Mickey M.

“Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. Great information. Great teachers. Jeff & Jenna are both very knowlegable and very good at communiating in a way that is easy to understand.”
Harlan B.

“Well taught, thoroughly enjoyed the learning & skills. Safety was forefront throughout. Teachers (Jeff & Jenna) were extremely knowledgeable on all levels.”
Teresa W.

“Lesson was awesome.”
Devon C.

“You guys are great! Thank you for this opportunity.”
Bobbie L.

“This is a great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] and packed with valuable info that I will apply to all future firearms training.”
Micheljon W.

“Teriffic work. Helpful & informative for novices & experienced shooters alike.”
Lou K.

“Well presented by reputable people who are very knowledgeable. A very helpful class! I highly recommend it!”
Walter S.

“Very informative – thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge!”
Amy W.

“This class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] is very thorough and prepares all to apply for a permit.”
Norman J.

“This was my second time taking a CHP class. It was a great refresher and I learned several new things!”
Anna B.

“Excellent instruction on a very difficult topic that requires our full understanding. Very informative and interesting presentation.”
William R.

“Well worth the time involved.”
Dean J.

“I’ll take another class.”
Paul M.

“Very thorough, varied, entertaining, encouraging and reassuring. I came in afraid of guns. Now I am not as much.”
Ana C.

“Excellent class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. I felt very comfortable in this class – helped me understand so much about guns and laws.”
Elaine J.

“Very informative class. Instructors knowledgeable, friendly.”
Walter K.

“A great way to get informed.”
Peggy S.

“Jeff & Jenna are very knowledgeable about what they are teaching. Would definitely share with others to take the class.”
Jacke P.

“I have my concealed hand gun permit, but needed this review. Very helpful and informative.”
Sharon B.

“Thank you!”
Daniel S.

“Excellent information presented in an interesting manner.”
Charlotte J.

“A well organized and informative class.”
Ron M.

“I am a relatively new shooter and Jeff’s class was engaging, fun and informative. Jeff presented all the information in an easy to understand format and made me feel very comfortable, not at all intimidated. I encourage anyone with an interest in handguns to take this course, even if you are not thinking about applying for a concealed handgun permit.”
Paul O.

“Great information presented in an interesting fashion [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. Great job!”
James D.

“Fantastic course [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]! Well worth the time even if you’re not interested in a CHP.”
Brent R.

“Very informative. Positive atmosphere.”
Jordan J.

“Great class for beginners [Level 1 – CO CHP Class], learned a whole lot!”
Shirley D.

“Excellent class, [Level 1 – CO CHP Class], a great start to handgun ownership and concealed carry.”
Scott D.

“Good class! [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] Very informative and inviting setting.”
Scott F.

“I recently took the Level 1 – CO CHP Class class from Jeff and Jenna Meek. I don’t have a lot of gun experience so I was a little worried about feeling intimidated but Jeff and Jenna made me feel “right at home” as soon as I walked in the door. The class lasted 5 hours but the time flew by because it was very interesting and informative. We were able to ask lots of questions and the back and forth dialogue was great! I am excited to sign up for more training!”
Angie W.

“Excellent, very helpful.”
Glen C.

“Worthwhile, good overview [Level 1 – CO CHP Class].”
Peter S.

“I would recommend this class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] to anyone starting the jouney to concealed carry.”
John K.

“What a great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. So low key but packed full of critical information. I like that Jeff and Jenna are ‘real’ people (whatever that means) not ego gun maniacs like you meet in most gun shops. A very comfortable environment for women! Thank you!”
Lisa L.

“Yikes! Going INTO the Level II Beyond the CCW class from Carry On Colorado last night: ‘I have a few leftover- from-Grandad habits to fix.’ AFTER the class: ‘Crap! I don’t have NEARLY the capability I need. Must get better. Must train more. Must practice more!’

Jeff, that was a good class. Especially because I’m even more motivated than before it. Thanks!”
Roberto M.

“Even after 35 years of shooting, handling guns, and as a professional hunting outfitter, there is always something to learn.”
James L.

“This was very useful and practical information no matter your level of experience with guns.”
Shane B.

“Jeff and Jenna are passionate and very informed. Enjoyed the class! [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]”
Ryan V.

“Great experience for anyone interested in firearms.”
Adam B.

“I loved this class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] it was worth every penny. Jeff is Awesome!!”
Keshia L.

“Instructor was very knowledgeable and put what we had learned to practice. Very welcoming and open to discussions.”
Deimys V.

“I highly recommend this class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] for all new and experienced gun owners. The class teaches you much more about self-defense and the laws we need to be aware of than just how to shoot. Thanks Jeff!”
Nicholas B.

“Very friendly and focused on making sure every one understands the material.”
Daniel P.

“I look forward to learning more.”
Phuong L.

[Jeff note: the below came from a man of many words, indeed!]

“I enjoyed the class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class].”
Ryan S.

“I’m feeling more comfortable with obtaining my CHP. Jenna was very open and knowledgable.”
Suzanne C.

“Very comfortable environment! Easy lesson plan to follow [Level 1 – CO CHP Class].”
“Mrs. P.”

“Excellent class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] & was respectful of class members regardless of experience levels.”
Matt B.

“Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class], knowledgeable instructor. Looking forward to future class’s.”
Josh S.

“Taking this class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] has made me more aware of how important it is to take additional classes and continuing education.”
Brenden C.

“I recently attended the Level 1 – CO CHP Class class held by Jeff and Jenna of Carry on Colorado. Being fairly new to the world of firearms, firearms safety, and self-protection I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But I was very pleased with the class and learned that this topic can also be very enlightening and fun while being addressed in a thoughtful manner with all the seriousness it merits. Jeff and Jenna know firearms and the respective Colorado laws very well and they encourage participant involvement and the myriad of questions students might have (which covered the spectrum based on the differing levels of experience of the participants – from novices like me to experienced gun owners of all levels). Input and experiences shared by the other attendees was valuable as well. I learned a lot and am encouraged to take the next steps.
If you get the opportunity to take one of the Carry On Colorado classes, grab it. You’ll be glad you did and will likely find yourself a more informed and prepared citizen as well.”
Anita M.

“My husband and I recently took the Law of the Gun class and found the information to be invaluable. While our local CHP class did cover the laws related to concealed carry and use of deadly force for self-defense, it was just a cursory review. Adam Weitzel did a wonderful job of delving much deeper into the legal issues the lawfully-armed citizen must understand.
There is no other class like it along the Front Range.”
Stephanie S.

“Thank you for bringing Kathy Jackson and Don Stahlnecker back for Handgun Retention 101 and 102. This topic is important for anyone carrying concealed and yet you cannot take this kind of class anywhere else in the state. I really appreciate your willingness to bring content experts to Colorado to teach these unique classes. Thanks again!”
Stephanie S.

[Jeff’s comment: this one is great! Ginger flew all the way to Colorado from Michigan to spend the weekend with us and attend 5 Cornered Cat classes led by Kathy Jackson and Don Stahlnecker.]
“Thanks for hosting such a great weekend. I really came away feeling like I learned A LOT and I loved the positive energy and environment. I felt challenged and yet completely comfortable putting myself out there with new skills and the critiques were helpful and geared towards helping me to learn more. I really enjoyed myself and feel like I have not only added to my skill set – but I have a new desire to continue learning more and continue with training – and the new friends I have made will continue to be a part of that journey! :)”
Ginger S.

“Very informative and interesting class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class], even though I have been shooting for 40 years.”
Mark D.

“Very educational [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. Jeff is a great instructor, lots of fun, I would willingly take this class again.”
Jennifer M.

“I would recommend this class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] to anyone preparing to get a CCP.”
Sam B.

“Thorough, professional, and answered all questions for all experience levels [Level 1 – CO CHP Class].”
Kelly A.

“Informative and fun class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class].”
Kendra M.

“Very well thought out and informative [Level 1 – CO CHP Class].”
Thomas W.

“The class was great and helped me be knowledgeable when using or around guns [Level 1 – CO CHP Class].”
Shay A.

“Jeff and Jenna – Thanks so much for the excellent class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]! It was very informative, all our questions were answered, and we are very much looking forward to some other classes with you in the future!”
Rob and Cheryll B.

“Fantastic course [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] in basic firearm safety!”
Drew H.

“Really enjoyed this class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. It was informative, professional, and fun! I will definately be taking more classes from Carry on Colorado!”
Emily G.

“I have taken another CCW class in another state, I learned numerous new information, such as the safety-training at [the] range to mention one. Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] for ‘real-life.'”
Keith F.

“I feel more comfortable handling firearms now and I am now excited to continue my education and start practicing.”
Kelsie H.

“Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class], highly recommend. I know Jeff is genuinely interested in educating others and cares about their needs.”
Chase J.

“Very professional and easy to understand – great teaching / speaking skills.”
Mikkel T.

“Based off my Level 1 – CO CHP Class, I would highly recommend using ‘Carry On Colorado’ for all of your firearm safety education.”
Mike S.

“Great informative class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] and look forward to furthering my education with Carry on Colorado.”
Matthew S.

“A must have class for all gun owners regardless of range experience.”
Michelle H.

“Hey Jenna! Just wanted to say a big thank you for offering a great class [Self-Protection 1 Class], yet again. I learned alot and feel a little more confident. I appreciated Marc’s expertise & humor. He & Jeff had some great explanations & clear steps to watch for. One that was important to me was explaining the difference between fear & panic. Having him point out that I had been successful in doing what needed to get done in the midst of a scary/stressful emergency, gives me confidence & understanding that I CAN keep a clear head in a more violent emergency and use what I’ve been taught “to get home safely to my family” 🙂 Well done. [My husband] & I will be saving up to take the 2nd class (with our boys) and I am anxious to take the Level 2 Ladies & Range classes as soon as our budget allows.

Thanks again for what you & Jeff are doing with your business – self protection education & gun training/safety…hand-in-hand! We couldn’t agree more!

Blessings on you both,
Andrea H.

“The Level 1 Class is very informative even for those that ‘think’ they know everything there is to know about firearms.”
Keith A.

“Jeff is an excellent instructor and has a great way of explaining things in a clear and understandable way … especially for someone who had hardly any knowledge. Thanks so much! I will be taking more classes!”
Michelle A.

“Wow, had I known how much FUN i would have in your Level 1 range class, I would have signed up sooner. What a terrific experience. I have to say, having you both on the range really made the class informative, practical, and challenging, all at the same time.

What I like most about this training is that you have inspired me to set a “new finish line,” for my firearms training. While I left the range today feeling like I accomplished something, I know it’s the first step in a very exciting journey.

Thanks again.”
Steve S.

“Jeff and Jenna are very professional and offer teaching and experience that are relevant to individual families.”
Mike H.

“Great class; friendly people; fun as well.”
Dianna M.

“This is a great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] for anyone interested on getting down the right and responsible road of gun ownership.”
Thomas L.

“I’m learning a lot and it’s [important] for my self-defense.”
Cheryl C.

“I think this was a wonderful class [Level 1 – CO CHP Ladies Only Class]. Very informational & interesting.”
Alison H.

“I just attended the Legal Aftermath of Defensive Shooting seminar last night. This is a MUST for anyone who has chosen to carry a pistol, concealed or open. If you’ve made this commitment, then you must know where you stand legally should you be forced to make a decision. Mr. Weitzel is an attorney who specializes in this area, is extremely well informed, and conveys the information you need to know extremely well. Well worth the time and money!”
Doug W.

“Jenna and Jeff, Thanks for making the Cornered Cat Clinic happen this weekend. We learned a lot and out shots really improved! (remember, trigger control)”
Chris G.

“Five star experience.”
Patrick C.

“Jenna is great at making you feel at ease and very patient to help each person come to a level of full understanding.”
Nycki H.

“Instruction was very clear and informative. Great to be in a class with other ladies who have similar concerns about our safety.”
Joey R.

“I would recommend this class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] to everyone who will be obtaining their concealed carry.”
Alicia B.

“Great teacher [Jenna] & loaded with information! [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]
Melissa S.

“Thank you! Keep teaching these classes! [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]
Michele A.

“Jenna was very knowledgeable, approachable and friendly. Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class].”
Cynthia M.

“Jenna is a great teacher – I learned a lot.”
Julie H.

“Contacted Jeff and Jenna about holding the Level 1 – CO CHP Class at our facility one of the best phone calls I ever made. Not only were Jeff and Jenna extremely professional in setting up the class at our facility they held a very engaging informative fact filled class. Jeff was very professional and kept the class at a good pace. I give CARRY ON COLORADO an A+ and would recommend them to everyone.”
Wayne S.

“I attended your class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] last night. First of all Jeff, you and Jenna are very professional and very good at what you do. I learned so much about guns last night. You cover everything from safety, ammo, proper stance and handling of a hand gun, and laws. I learned so much that I thought I knew but was never properly taught until last night. I recommend your class to anyone who wants a concealed handgun permit.”
Gary R.

“Thank you guys for a great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] last night!!! I learned a lot! You guys are amazing!”
Sarah S.

“Thanks so much for hosting the Cornered Cat class for women this past weekend, and introducing us to her [Kathy Jackson’s] self defense techniques. The enthusiasm was wonderful and the amount of knowledge passed on in a few hours time was impressive. By the end of day one, you could see the line was well on its way to self confidence handling a weapon! So worth the time and money!

I am inspired, and have recommended Jenna and Carry On Colorado to others as I believe it is especially important for our daughters to learn these self defense skills from a qualified, devoted instructor. I wish this was available when I was young. We are lucky to have you now!”
Julie B.

“The class [Cornered Cat 2-day defensive handgun class] was fantastic! Thanks for bringing in Kathy. She is an amazing teacher. The ladies in the class were also amazing. Taking Kathy’s class is one of the best things I have done in a long time. Not sure how soon it will be but looking forward to taking another class.”
Bonnie C.

“I took the Level 1 – CO CHP Class on 5.4.13.

Whether you are experienced or just beginning, this is the class to take and the company to take it with. High marks for Jenna and Jeff. If you are just starting out or if you think you know firearms and have some experience, this class will teach you many things. It’s easy over time to develop bad habits and through the basic instructions covered in this class, you will learn exactly what to do and not to do in a friendly, non-threatening environment with teachers in Jenna and Jeff that are caring, passionate people that love what they do. Never once did I feel that my questions were considered stupid and they even stayed over the allotted time for the class to make sure we covered everything. Not only did we receive all the important information about firearms, ammunition and what it means to have a CHP, but we also received individual instructions on holding a pistol and stance. I honestly felt part of a new family after taking the class and know that if I have any other questions or concerns that Carry On Colorado and specifically Jenna and Jeff will always help me and will be my mentors for years to come. The environment dynamic was the best part and fun and allowed for all in the group to participate and share safely not only their experiences but also their thoughts on several case studies that were indeed fascinating to process and learn from. Thanks again Jenna and Jeff!”
Thomas A.

[Jeff’s comment – I have to say, I love this one… it’s so “real.” Thanks!]

“Just have to tell you how amazing yesterday was on so many levels [Level 1 – CO CHP Ladies Only Class]. Still have that healthy fear of becoming an actual [gun] owner….Just wanted to tell you why I think you are a great teacher. In my opinion there are a number of things that make a great teacher. I think #1 is knowledge of the subject matter and the ability to clearly explain it. Check! That, I think you do fantastically! #2 You have to be able to relate to your students and be approachable. Check! #3 You need to inspire in your students the confidence that they can learn what you are teaching and be successful. Check! #4 I think, is to have a sense of humor and not to take yourself too seriously. Check! Let me clarify that…not taking self too seriously. It is obvious you take the subject VERY serious because it is serious and you clearly articulate that! You also communicate that you are a real person, a woman and we can relate to you. You really are funny too! That helps! I plan on moving ahead with this….more scared than before and I think in a healthy way. I learned SO much yesterday it danced all around in my head all day!! I seem to be in the Never Say Never phase of my life! Once I retired from my teaching job, I said I would NEVER substitute teach!! EVER! Have now been doing it for 8 yrs. at one School, St. Vincent de Paul and it has been a huge blessing. I said I would NEVER be a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant! I MEAN NEVER! Have been doing it since September and beginning to see why it is great!! And now… I will NEVER hold, shoot, or own a gun. (1 down 2 to go!) (I am hesitant to even use the g word in e-mails…I am getting paranoid about big brother, weird?) I just feel like nothing is private anymore! Just wanted to let you know that I am so impressed by you, by your knowledge, ability to communicate, your passion, and your warmth. I am very happy to have met you and look forward to learning a lot more from you. Carry ON Jenna!
Nancy G.

“I recently attended the Level 1 – CO CHP Class and it absolutely exceeded every expectation I had going into the class. Jenna and Jeff are both very professional and knowledgeable about every aspect surrounding handgun ownership, handling, shooting, care of the gun, safety, etc. The class is very well put together and flows extremely well, from the basics of how a handgun operates and the components of cartridges to explaining when and where you can carry a concealed weapon, this class covers it all… even touching on the laws surrounding the use of your CHP. Most importantly, there is class interaction throughout the course including hands-on assistance on how to improve your grip and stance while shooting.

I am an avid hunter and have been a gun owner and shooter for 20+ years, but in nearly every aspect of this class I was learning something new.

Thanks to you both of you for the very informative and fun evening… I will be signing up for the Law of the Gun class very soon!”
Jason G.

“Thank you for a fantastic class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]! The student body was made up of individuals from many different backgrounds and vastly different shooting experience, yet Jeff was able to make the course interesting for all. I’ll be letting everyone know that Carry On Colorado is the class to take.

Jeff was a fantastic instructor and I can’t wait to look into more opportunities to learn with Carry On Colorado.”
Shaun R.

“I wasn’t so sure about taking the class [Level 1 – CO CHP Ladies Only Class] but now that I have & have gotten to know the instructor [Jenna] I want to learn more & do more with a gun & self-defense the SAFE & right way. Jenna gave me courage to believe in myself & that I can do this and I have a right to do this.”
Pamela P.

“I recently attended Jeff’s Intro To The AR-15 class, and can recommend it without reservation for anyone new to the AR-15 platform. Jeff covered all of the scheduled topics, demonstrating both his subject matter knowledge and teaching skills.

So I was impressed with the class – but also impressed that Jeff held the class at all. I was the only student registered! The fact that Jeff was willing to meet with just one person speaks volumes about his passion for teaching and his commitment to his clients. I’m signing up for more!”
Sam A.

“Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class], worth the time and money. Really look forward to taking more classes.”
Chad J.

“[Jeff was a] very knowledgeable, informative. I believe even an ‘experienced’ [gun] owner could learn from this course [Level 1 – CO CHP Class].”
Eric H.

“Excellent class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class], covered a wide range of information in a short but complete way.”
Keith F.

“This is a very good class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] to take if you have been shooting most of your life, or new to the sport. I would recommend everyone to go through it.”
Chad C.

“I would recommend this class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] to anyone even if they do not want to get their CCP just for safety purposes.”
Sloan S.

“Very educational and highly recommend [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. I am excited to take my new knowledge to the range.”
Jennifer G.

“Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. Great instructors.”
Anthony C.

[Jeff’s note – I’m not sure whether to take this one as a compliment or not…]

“I’m impressed that you captivated the audience enough to enjoy the class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class].”
Matthew M.

“Excellent class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class], can’t wait for the next steps to take.”
Michael L.

“This class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] has made me want to take further classes.”
Ryan J.

“I would highly recommend this class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] to all interested in owning a gun.”
Randall J.

“Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class].”
Alice L.

“This is an excellent class [Level 1 – CO CHP Ladies Only Class]. Fully loaded with excellent information!”
Pam B.

“Jenna was excellent! Even with a shooting background, I learned a lot. I would recommend this course [Level 1 – CO CHP Ladies Only Class] to anyone.”
Michelle H.

“I think the Ladies only class is a great start for a female new to guns.”
Victoria S.

“Good intro into the gun culture.”
Lauren P.

“Excellent information for a total novice to learn – from zero understanding to feeling comfortable.”
Mary P.

“My husband and I took your Level 1 CHP class on Saturday and we were both VERY impressed. To start off with, both of you are very passionate about what you do, and that resonated so positively through the duration of the class. And it was fun that you both taught! And Kyle–WOW–pretty cool you are already teaching your son. Your class was a good balance–while I grew up with rifle training, I had no experience with handguns, so this class introduced me to a lot of new subject matter, and then gave me enough information to know that I am comfortable to move forward with obtaining my permit, then continue taking the classes! Honestly–I didn’t intend on doing more than Level 1, but now I know I will. (My husband felt the same way and he’s a harder sell!) So, thank you to you both and we look forward to continuing our education with Carry On Colorado!”
Shelly H.

“Three months ago I took and passed the NRA Basic Pistol Course from another Denver area trainer. As a complete neophyte, I found the class excellent and informative, but knew I needed a lot more confidence and training before I could even select a CCW semi-automatic. That’s when I signed up for the 3 Gun Dynamics Level 1 Range Class.

In short, it was OUTSTANDING. Jeff and Jenna are everything you would want in instructors – knowledgeable, well-organized, thorough and patient. The students included a wide range of experience, from newbie to long-time shooter and the time just flew by. It was invaluable.

3 Gun Dynamics is my first choice for more training; I recommend them wholeheartedly.”
Jim K.

“I feel much more comfortable about carrying my gun with me after taking this class! [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]
Jennifer K.

“Well worth the class fee [Level 1 – CO CHP Class].”
James B.

“[In regards to the Level 2 LADIES – Beyond the CCW for LADIES class] Definitely left me with a lot to think about. I really enjoyed hearing these issues discussed from a women’s perspective. Very refreshing.”
Laura S.

“Well worth the time [Level 1 – CO CHP Class].”
Steve W.

“Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class], knowledgeable instructors, reasonably priced.”
Mike R.

“Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. So informative. Thank you so much!”
Andrew G.

“Very informative and fun [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. The hours went by fast. Jeff and Jenna do a great job complementing each other in their teaching styles. It was a relaxed venue and I learned a lot more than I thought I needed to!”
Chris C.

“Thanks again for such a great inspiring class [Level 1 – CO CHP Ladies Only Class]! … I told my husband how you gave me confidence and how I can’t wait to go to the shooting range … with you and the other ladies. He couldn’t believe it! Plus he was so excited to see how excited I am in terms of learning about guns and how to handle one safely. Now we have another interest together. All of this because of you! Thanks again for a great class. I cant wait to take Level 2.”
Pam P.

“Very good value for the price of the class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class].”
Jeffrey P.

“Good class. Very informative, interesting.”
Bill F.

“It [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] consisted of more than I expected and I was very happy with the material covered and respected teh openness of Jenna to answer questions.”
Ryan S.

“Thanks so much for the wonderful class on Saturday [free Level 1 class for the teachers at Jeff and Jenna’s son’s school]. You are a great instructor and I really appreciate you conducting the class for us at no charge. You are making a big difference in our community and I appreciate your time and efforts.”
LuAnn E.

“I just took this class [Level 1 Range Class – Concealed Carry Fundamentals] from Jeff and Jenna this morning. The course was very well-organized and presented. The pace was just right. An excellent mix of review of basic procedures and range shooting practice. Outstanding patience and attention to safety with just the right amount of coaching, teaching, and guidance. Very highly recommended especially for beginning shooters.”
Bonnie R.

“I have to say that the experience with Jeff and Jenna at this class was safe, professional and a quality experience. Acting as a team Jeff and Jenna worked with us to give us a greater knowledge of real life circumstances that may occur and at the same time providing advice and techniques to better understand and handle our weapons. They are both knowledgeable and patient instructors and above all run a very safe operation. Safety is always their number one concern and stress Safety during the duration of their class. Thank you 3GunDynamics for giving us a great experience, we’ll be back for more of your classes!!”
David T.

“I took the Level 1 Range Class from Jeff today, and had a great time doing it. He is very knowledgeable and allows you to ask questions as you go. I had a lot of fun shooting and would recommend this class to anyone looking to get comfortable operating a handgun. I have done some hunting (rifle/shotgun) in the past, but had never before used a handgun. It is amazing how much more comfortable I feel after just going through this class!”
Jason H.

“This was an awesome experience [Level 1 – CO CHP Class followed by Level 1 Range Class] ….safe, personal instruction, excellent teachers. I am more confident and understand so much more about firearms now. I look forward to the next classes! Level 2 here we come. I never would have thought that I would have fun doing this. Thank you!”
Mare T.

“I really enjoyed Jeff’s Level 2 – Beyond the CCW Class. The most useful parts were the detailed discussion of “The 21′ Rule” and “The Cooper Color Code of Alert Level.” These discussions helped me begin to build a framework around the CCW process. I greatly appreciated how Jeff stressed the importance of the mental process that must be followed in a potentially dangerous situation.”
Steve F.

“Desiring to be reminded of the basics for the Colorado CHP Permit, I recently re-took the Level 1 class followed by the Level 2 LADIES Class. Fabulous pace (not hurried), content (many extras added to basics), and approach (knowledgeable/humble/great listeners/personable) were again experienced in the very competent hands of Jeff and Jenna. My 86-year-old mother, also attending, found their style to be very clear and respectful of someone not in tune with the firearms world. She stated she appreciated them “speaking English” with patience. The new class, for LADIES, was excellent as Jenna wove the information with specific application to our LADIES’ worldview and special needs (can we talk about holsters anyone?!). We are both huge fans of 3 Gun Dynamics including their business model and very professional yet personal attitude toward teaching basic and advanced knowledge regarding owning and using a handgun. We look forward to working with them in the coming months to continue our education and refining our skills. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and yourselves!”
Kate M.

“Besides being very informative [and] comprehensive, Jenna is humorous and understanding of a woman’s viewpoint. I had NEVER TOUCHED a gun before… I now have an informed basis to decide whether to be a gun owner or not. Invaluable especially for 2nd Amendment rights.”
Nancy G.

“I felt comfortable in the class asking questions and not being judged for not knowing what to do or [how to] hold a gun. Very informative and helpful.”
Kimberly M.

“The class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] was great! I look forward to taking more classes.”
Kevin M.

[Jeff’s note: Laura is exactly right!!]

“People are in fear of guns and are against them because they have not taken time to educate themselves! Thank you for educating me and making me feel more comfortable!”
Laura K.

“This class [Level 1 – CO CHP Ladies Only Class] taught me more than I ever expected. The instructor [Jenna] is a great teacher and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this class.”
Terri D.

“I took the class [Level 1 – CO CHP Ladies Only Class] because I have two small children and lots of guns in our home. I learned more than I had expected and feel more comfortable with guns. Thank you!”
Krista C.

“Great introduction to the subject [Level 1 – CO CHP Ladies Only Class], very informative, not intimidating in ‘ladies only class.'”
Staci W.

“The class [Level 1 – CO CHP Ladies Only Class] was very informative and definitely clued me in to the necessity of learning proper gun safety BEFORE buying and shooting a gun.”
Leigh D.

“The perfect class [Level 1 – CO CHP Ladies Only Class] for women of all ages and all levels of comfortability with guns.”
Gina P.

“Jenna is an excellent teacher – very personable, and she made class fun!”
Lena B.

“Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Ladies Only Class], all my questions were answered – even some questions I did not know to ask!”
Linda O.

“Better than expected! Thank you!”
Mary Ann A.

[Jeff’s note – it’s SO rewarding when someone comes into class literally terrified of guns… then walks out saying this. Thanks!!]

“This class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] eliminated my fear of guns.”
Cathy H.

“Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class], look forward to taking future classes.”
Thomas L.

“I felt this was a very good infroduction to CCW.”
Jeff M.

“I’ll like you on FB for sure!”
Misha S.

“Class is great [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]! Above and beyond what to expect.”
Sean M.

“Jenna helped me with my gun handling making me feel like a pro. Thank you!”
Jessica M.

“I liked the fact that it [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] was taught by a couple – both training provides balance and more interesting perspectives.”
Chris N.

“I knew none or very little of the info presented. In today’s climate, I think everyone should come to this class, whether or not they want to “carry.” I’m not certain that I will carry, but I at least need to be informed and capable if I ever am in the situation of needing protection. I will practice at the range for preparedness. Thanks again!”
Melanie M.

“The class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] was very informative and provides clear answers to situations not normally understood. Having no former gun training I feel better informed of safety, laws and parts of the gun.”
Bryan L.

“Jenna’s involvement / visibility made me comfortable to call and get this process started. [Another company’s] website was totally intimidating. Thank you for doing what you are doing!”
Valerie W.

“I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed the class last Saturday [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. It was instructive, practical and thanks to you, time went very fast. I will recommend you many times over… Including to my wife and son; both are also thinking seriously on CHP.”
Oscar S.

“Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] for advanced or beginning shooters. Small class size and personal interaction. I was a name not a number. Jeff and Jenna are just great people to work with and learn from.”
Shanon P.

“Jeff and Jenna Meek are excellent instructors and I would recommend their classes highly.”
Connie M.

“Very informative.”
David V.

“As a newbie, it’s great to have such a knowledgable instructor. Thanks!”
Jamie M.

“Instructors [Jeff and Jenna] were kind, informative & very knowledgeable. Thank you!”
Jack B.

“Enjoyed the class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. Very interactive.”
Brent P.

“Jeff was a great, thorough instructor! Very knowledgable and helpful.”
Teri M.

“The class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] was informative and a great basic knowledge of gun safety.”
Jenny B.

“I feel more comfortable handling my gun.”
Sandra L.

“Fantastic and fun class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. Very informative.”
Robert S.

“Highly recommend to start gun safety.”
Chris W.

“Friendly, professional and great for novices and those that need refreshing. [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]
David G.

“Thank you, very informative.”
Erik H.

“Great value!”
James R.

[Jeff’s comment: I didn’t make this one up, I swear. But I think this one wins a prize.]

“Jeff is super smart – articulate, a great instructor and ambassador for firearms training.”
Jeff J.

“Made me feel much more comfortable about properly handling a gun.”
Andrea M.

“Informative and well taught [Level 1 – CO CHP Class].”
Rob L.

“Gave me all I need to know to be safe & legal.”
Carol Z.

“Excellent instructor [Jenna] & class content [Level 1 – CO CHP Class].”
Laurie W.

“Jenna was wonderful. I feel more comfortable and much more informed. 🙂 Thanks so much!”
Jessica T.

“This was a great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. I really enjoyed my experience.”
Joann K.

“Concise, valuable information [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. Very little/no time wasted.”
Michael O.

“Excellent [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. Keep up the good work.”
Mark S.

“I loved the class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] and I want to take some of the higher level classes.”
Jake A.

“Enjoyed the class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] and feel more knowledgeable.”
Marion A.

“Very informative [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] and lets you know what a big responsibility it is to conceal carry a handgun.”
Bradley W.

“Great! Good class to start with [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. Both [Jeff and Jenna] are very good.”
Janice O.

“The class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] is amazing and chalked full of information and was easy to follow.”
Jack L.

“This class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] was more than I expected & prepared me well to continue learning & improve my gun attitude, knowledge & skill.”
Thomas L.

“Well rounded, good humor [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. Covered a wider range of topics than expected. Nice hands-on portion.”
Daniel M.

“Great info.”
George M.

“Exceptionally well laid out. Great for novice and professional alike. [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]”
Lisa K

“Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] and very interesting for all ages.”
Patrick C.

“Absolutely well worth my time. 59 year old gun nut!”
Michael B.

“It was a pleasant and easy to understand class. I look forward to taking a few more classes. Thanks!”
Jeraldine E.

“The class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] was good and well run. Very informative and they were patient with everyone and answered all questions.”
Jason W.

“This was an excellent way to learn the essential basics of concealed handgun carry.”
Robert M.

“Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. Very happy with location and instructors.”
Derek B.

“Great instructors, great format [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. Take this class!”
Travis B

“Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] for beginners or those wanting a refresher on guns and safety. Thank you!”
Jerrine H.

“I’m a mother of three and am thankful to know 3GD is a resource in keeping my family educated about gun safety!”
Hope S.

“Top notch.”
Dale J.

“Excellent intro to firearms class for anyone, especially ladies! :)”
Jessica C.

“This was a very informative, comfortable class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] – thanks for offering this instruction!”
Anneliese P.

“Great basic course [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] that teaches all you need to know to get your CHP. Can’t wait to take more courses!!”
Aaron G.

“I had a terrific experience with 3 Gun Dynamics while attending a recent class on “Law of the Gun.” The class was very well organized and extremely informative. My process from beginning to end in communicating with Jeff and Jenna at 3 Gun Dynamics was great!”
Erika M.

“Very, very worthwhile [Level 1 – CO CHP Class, LADIES ONLY CLASS]; makes me want to learn more.”
Jane W.

“Jeff was a great instructor. Couldn’t [have] found a better company to work with on my gun safety! I will be using them for all of my gun training!”
Beka D.

“Very great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. I learned a lot that I didn’t know of before! I strongly recommend that anyone, experienced or beginner, take a class from 3 Gun Dynamics!”
Ryan M.

“Would highly recommend this class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] to anyone, from beginners to advanced.”
Brett M.

“I’m going to get my wife to take it [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] even though she may not get a permit.”
Jim K.

“Very informative and helpful [Level 1 – CO CHP Class].”
Leslie M.

“Instructors are very friendly and the knowledge received from the class was very informative.”
Kerry R.

“Jeff was extremely knowledgeable and informative and explained everything in easy-to-understand terms. Highly recommend 3 Gun Dynamics!”
Dave T.

“Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] filled with tons of information. I would recommend this class to anyone with any level.”
Renee’ B.

“Jeff and Jenna were extremely friendly and professional. I felt confident and comfortable asking questions. They demonstrated a very high level of knowledge and competence.”
Richard K.

“Great personal attention to all participants no matter what level of experience.”
Michael H.

“Experienced, knowledgeable instructors who do not intimidate – make you feel comfortable no matter what your level of experience.”
Joe S.

“Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class], well paced, fun and knowledgeable instructors.”
Tim S.

“[I] would recommend the course [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] and have my wife take the course.”
Doug M.

“Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class], will probably attend more in the future.”
Ehren K.

“Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] for introduction of gun safety and Colorado law.”

“I learned so much in this class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] & I am looking forward to taking more!”
Kayla S.

“After all these years, learned a correct grip.”
Michael G.

“Very well organized presentation [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]. Instructors made it easy to understand.”
Lester A.

“Great class! [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]
Patrick A.

“Great class and not too long [Level 1 – CO CHP Class].”
Jocelyn W.

“Very important information [Level 1 – CO CHP Class], impressed with the knowledge of the instructors.”
Terry C.

“Very good class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class]and very nice people to work with.”
Pamela Ann F.

“Good instructors [Jeff & Jenna], provided good gun education and safety measures [Level 1 – CO CHP Class].”
Linda C.

“Great class [Level 1 – CO CHP Class] – I learned everything I need to know in order to conceal & carry.”
Darin D.

“Fantastic! Much more interesting than I expected. Great teachers!”
Jody T.

“Great class.”
Brian T.

“Great instructors explaining things in every day type of language.”
Alan U.

“I think this was great. EVERYBODY should go through this class [Level 1 – CO CHP] whether they want to carry or not.”
Joseph H.

“I would highly recommend this class [Level 1 – CO CHP] – very good at covering the important basic information.”
Nancy E.

“I would recommend this class [Level 1 – CO CHP] and company to friends and family.”
Nicholas C.

“I recommend this class [Level 1 – CO CHP] to anyone seeking a CHP.”
Steve D.

“I took the 3GunDynamics Law of the Gun class in Castle Rock in April. I was looking for more knowledge and a better understanding of the legal aspects of carrying and using a concealed weapon after the CCW class I took did not provide the information I felt was necessary. (No, I did not take my CCW class at 3GunDynamics, but I should have!) I have to say, I was impressed! Jeff and Adam answered every one of my questions and more. The class was well worth my time and investment. Great job!”
Bert N.

“I took the Level 1 – CO CHP Class, which was full of useful information I can really use. Jeff is an excellent instructor and there was always time for any type of question you might have. I learned so much and it was in a relaxed atmosphere at the same time. This course is definitely worth taking.”
Mike R.

“I attended a DOTM [now called Recoil Therapy] with Jeff and found it to be fun and a great way to improve my proficiency with pistols. The other participants were good folks and very encouraging as well. I’m looking forward to attending more DOTM’s in the future.”
Tom L.

“I attended my first Drill of the Month [now called Recoil Therapy] in November and had such a great time that I returned with my entire family in December. My wife, daughter, son and I all had fun at the December Drill of the Month. Jeff ran a safe range, gave helpful instruction, set up some fun and challenging shoots, and was very encouraging and helpful to every participant. My son & daughter (16 & 19) really enjoyed shooting on the move, as opposed to just static shooting at a range. My wife is the least experienced shooter in our family and her confidence grew with every stage. She really enjoyed the experience and is looking forward to coming back next month. The other participants were safe, encouraging, helpful, fun and good shooters. We will definitely become regulars!”
Rich B.

“After a “loss”, I found myself in possession of a Ruger. I have never fired a gun in my life and had fear. I would look for excuses not to learn. After running into Jeff Meek – I realized it was time and Jeff was the one to teach me. My training was one of the best experiences I’ve had in ages. The patience and mannerisms in the lesson were more than stellar. If you know someone like me that has trepidation, please point them in this direction. Although I still need oodles of practice, my old “fear” is now total respect. I am one with my Ruger-verse. Thank you so much!”
Janet H.

“I took the Level 1 – CO CHP Class, which I thought was very informative. Jeff hit on a lot of gun saftey issues, laws, and overall handling of firearms, that I am now better prepared for. I learned a lot in his class and had fun to!”
Lisa N.