SP1 - Introduction to Personal Safety and Crime Avoidance


The Introduction to Personal Safety and Crime Avoidance class is a consumer awareness class for anyone who is interested in understanding their own risk profile, the types of violence they're likely to face, and some easy steps to take to dramatically reduce the likelihood of being involved in a violent encounter. The price of the class is listed below, at the bottom of the page next to the dates of upcoming classes. We've worked hard to bring this class to you for a minimum fee since we don't want affordability to be a hurdle to getting information that could save your life.

WARNING: This class is not for kids! We occasionally use harsh language in this class for demonstration purposes only, and purely because we're likely to hear such language if we encounter violence in the real world. It's kept to an absolute minimum, but consider yourself warned.

Some of us face dangerous situations regularly in our lives - but thankfully, most of us don't. But the fact that many of us are not accustomed to dealing with criminals leads many of us to assume we'll NEVER have to interact with them in a potentially violent encounter. Let one of the world's experts in this field give you some potentially life-saving advice as we walk through some fun, real-world scenarios that could happen to you.

This class is perfect for small business owners, attorneys, those in potentially dangerous domestic situations, social workers, church volunteers, and anyone concerned with their own personal safety. Do you know someone who is struggling with the idea of self-protection but doesn't even know where to begin? This is a short, wallet-friendly, 2-hour class which will get you thinking about how crime and violence could manifest in your life and some of the options available to you. This is an empowerment class!

This isn't your typical "gun class" - or even a gun class at all; it's a REALITY class. Your risk profile is likely very different from your spouse's. Let's talk about reality and how you can take control of your own safety.

This class is co-led by one of the world's pre-eminent experts on violence and the criminal mindset - Marc "Animal" MacYoung. Marc has taught police, military, martial artists and civilians around the world. His message is always the same: Hand-to-hand combat is a last ditch effort when other, more effective, preventive measures have failed. Marc has written 20+ books, 5 videos, and since the age of 10, he has studied several styles of martial arts, including Karate, Wing Chun, Baqua/Hsing-I, Five Family Gung fu, Boxing, Western swordsmanship, Kali and various forms of Pentjak Silat.

Marc's lifestyle and professions have always put him in danger. Over the years he has worked as the director of a correctional institute, bodyguard, bouncer, cooler and security at events with a daily gate of 30,000 (and entirely too many beer stands). Intermixed with those high-risk occupations came the perils of living in some of the worst areas in Los Angeles and the problems arising from going head-to-head with local gangs, drug addicts, abusive husbands, thugs and bikers. He was first shot at when he was 15 and has since survived multiple attempts on his life, including professional contracts. Some were work related, others were personal, arising from his "somewhat dim" back ground (With hindsight, he wonders if the definition of "dim" refers to "shady" or "not too bright" -- unfortunately, both often applied to his actions). He's an expert in knife attacks, teaches around the globe, and we're proud to call him a friend. He's truly one of THE experts in this field, and he's worth getting to know.

The world we live in isn't always as calm as peaceful as we'd hope it was. Take a look at the FBI crime statistics sometime.

This is another stepping-stone class for people interested in protecting themselves against a violent attack and is very different from our gun classes like our Level 1 - Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit Class and our Level 2 - Beyond the CCW Class.

Topics in this class include:

  • What does YOUR risk profile really look like?
  • The types of violence
  • Does most violence really come with instructions on how to avoid it?
  • Recognizing violence indicators
  • Dealing with a resource predator
  • How the violence men face is typically different than the violence women face
  • Some fun real-world scenarios

Items to bring to class: pen/paper for taking notes, tons of questions for Marc, and a great attitude!

The class is held in downtown Castle Rock, CO. Pricing specials or quantity discounts, where applicable, are for single transaction web orders ONLY. All orders placed over the phone will be assessed full price even if you are purchasing more than one of a single class. Thank you for your cooperation. If we have a large enough group, we would love to discuss teaching this (or any) class wherever is convenient for you. Contact us for more information. 24-hour notice required if you are unable to attend so we can roll you into the next available class. There are no refunds for this product.

If you have any questions about this class or anything else we offer, check out the FAQs page. To read what others have said about this class, see our testimonials, here.

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