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Why is it that if we love golf and want to improve, we find a professional and take golf lessons? Or if we want to learn to drive a car we take driving lessons? But after we take a gun class, many of us are done forever? No more!! Introducing GUN LESSONS!!

Carry On Colorado is revolutionizing how people think about firearms training. Many of us will spend hundreds of hours practicing hobbies and sports that we love... so now we're taking that philosophy and applying it to a skill and a sport that is not only fun, but could one day save your life!

Whatever your question is, whatever you'd like some personal firearms instruction with, we can help! If you're learning how to shoot for the very first time and are intimidated by larger groups, gun classes may be the perfect way to learn some skills that could one day save your life!

GUN LESSONS are designed to help you transition from the "I'm thinking about buying a gun" phase, through the formal training phase, and into the "real world" phase. As your full-service firearms training company, Carry On Colorado will help you wrestle with how to carry, learning to clean your gun, how to pick up that front sight faster, which holster option is best for you (everyone is different!), how to introduce children to firearms and the shooting sports, how to understand Colorado law, wherever you'd like to take it.

Have you had trouble cleaning your gun? Would you like some instruction on drawing from a holster? Let's get creative!

The published price is $60 per person per hour, with a 2 hour minimum - but we have students at every skill level and we can work within your financial situation. Contact us and let's talk! The more time you want, the more you save. We also teach couples! Just order the total number of hours you want and save! Gun classes can be at the range, in a classroom, or wherever is convenient for you!

The price listed below is in terms of HOURS, not PEOPLE. So if you have 6 people who want a 1-hour lesson, you'd be ordering 6 hours below, just like if you have 2 people who want a 3-hour lesson.

Here's a tip on ordering Gun Lessons - contact us first. Question: "Can I get my concealed handgun permit plus some range time in 2 hours with Gun Lessons?" Answer: No. We can do those things through private instruction, we just have to be realistic on how much time it will take. Our permit class is 4 hours, plus our normal range class is 4 hours, you're talking about condensing 8 hours of material into 2, and that's not realistic. We can absolutely save you time this way as opposed to ordering both our Level 1 - CO CHP Class plus our Level 1 Range Class, especially if it's just for your and/or your spouse, but PLEASE contact us first so we can work out the details.

How can we help you today?

If you have any questions about this class or anything else we offer, check out the FAQs page. To read what others have said about this class, see our testimonials, here.

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