Where are you located? 
We have a presence primarily in the Denver-to-Colorado Springs corridor with ongoing classes in Castle Rock and Monument, Colorado. Since we don't sell guns, we're focused 100% on getting you the best training available. Many gun stores offer training as an after-thought and purely as a means to sell you a gun (that's where their money is). We teach our classes at various locations in the south-Denver-metro area and do not have a store front. And since we don't have the cost of an actual building, we pass those savings on to you! 

You talk a lot about the differences between "learning to shoot" and using a gun as part of your self-defense plan. Can you explain that?
Sure! There's a common theory out there that pulling the trigger means self-defense. The martial arts crowd is just as guilty of this as the gun crowd. But learning to shoot typically involves something like this: "put your feet here, hold the gun exactly like this, shoot at this nice bulls-eye target," yada yada yada. The reality of self-defense shooting is very different! 50% of actual self-defense shootings are done using one hand; nearly 100% involve movement; 70% are are low or no light, etc. Adrenal stress affects the body in ways you wouldn't expect. Then there's legal system - it's much more complex than you'd expect and it's unfortunately as simple as saying "yeah but I'm a good person, therefore the legal system will protect me." THAT is what I'm talking about when I say that the actual act of physically pulling the trigger is only a small piece of this whole puzze. Unfortunately, the firearms training industry has fallen woefully short in preparing people for self-defense using a gun and get stuck only teaching people how to shoot.

Why do you focus so much on civilian self-defense? Won't my skills from my past help me?
First off, thank you for your service! And yes, we can all use our prior experiences to help us when it comes to civilian self-defense using a gun - even playing golf or tennis has a lot of carry-overs. But there are 5 pillars of firearms use and mindset: military, law enforcement, competition, hunting, and civilian self-defense. Each of those has physical skills that translate well into the other four areas. However, they're all very unique and each have challenges of their own. The mindset and approach to each "pillar" is very different and the training for each is very different. If you have extensive experience in one of these areas, you're certainly more prepared to easily transition into one of the other areas - but your past experiences alone are not enough. For example, how the military uses firearms is vastly different to how you and I will use firearms for civilian self-defense: the tools are different, the approach to the "rules of engagement" (i.e. the legal system for you and me) are different, the availability of backup is different, etc. So we're focused on preparing our students for civilian self-defense using a firearm.

What is going on with your "self-protection" classes? Aren't you a firearms training company?
Violent encounters that lead to the need for self-defense or self-protection can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to situations that unfold slowly over a long period of time. If you, God forbid, ever need to use a firearm to defend yourself, your "gun skills" are applicable for likely only a second or two. Granted, that could very well be the most critical second or two of your life and you get one chance to get it right. But so many firearms companies begin and END their training for those brief moments, and to us, that's a huge disservice. Understanding violence, how it unfolds, social scripts, attack indicators, etc., could very well mean that you can avoid those "shooting moments" altogether, and THAT is the goal. After all, shooting encounters do NOT have winners, only varying degrees of losers.

What's the deal with the name? I typed in 3GunDynamics.com and ended up here.
3 Gun Dynamics was founded in 2011 and we changed the name in 2013 to Carry On Colorado to better fit who we are and what we do. We're the same company and the same people, we just have a new name. We hope you like it!

Do you have any [insert name of firearm here] in stock?
Sorry, but we don't sell guns. We're a firearms training company through-and-through.

Can my spouse attend class with me?
No. If your spouse wants or needs to take the class as well, just register them for the same class. We have had a number of overbearing spouses, who even if their intentions are honorable, only serve as a distraction for class - not only for the spouse IN the class, but for everyone else as well. Besides, if you are anything like us, you wouldn't let your spouse teach you how to play golf. Leave that to the professionals, or in this case, us.

If a class is listed as being for LADIES ONLY, can I [as a man] attend?
No. We have plenty of classes for men, let's let the ladies have a day by themselves.

What's the difference between "CCW," "CHP," and "CWP?"
"CCW" is a generic term of "Carry a Concealed Weapon" and is often used interchangeably with "CHP" or "CWP."  In Colorado, the permit is technically called a Concealed Handgun Permit, but was previously known as a Concealed Weapon Permit.  Other states have slightly different nomenclature, like Texas who has a Concealed Handgun License.

What's the funniest video you've ever seen?
This one:

Would you be willing to teach a class to my private group?
Absolutely! We have taught multiple private classes - Level 1 classes, house calls for a husband and wife, even private Law of the Gun classes. One of the great things about owning your own small business is that we have a lot of flexibility! Let's face it - sometimes it's more fun to take a class with all your friends. Most of our private classes require a minimum of 10 people, but contact us and let's work out the details.

Do you offer any kind of refresher course? I'd love to take one of your classes again, but I'd rather not pay full price.
Yes!! These are all perishable skills and unless you can practice often, many people can't retain everything they learned in class without some help. We would LOVE to have you back in class again! If you're interested in re-taking a class that you've already taken, you can take a refresher course for 50% off the list price. You just have to call us to take advantage of this. Our goal is to help our community however we can - especially those who are brave enough to take a class, and inspired enough to keep learning!

Do you offer a military discount?
Yes, we offer a 10% discount on all purchases over $45, except for those classes taught by guest instructors (like our Law of the Gun class - our prices for those classes are fixed, unfortunately). When checking out, just enter the code "MILITARY1" in the promo code box when checking out. Thank you for your service to our great country!!

Why should I take a handgun class?
A handgun training class is required to a apply for a Concealed Handgun Permit.  A good training class is essential to learning the safety and techniques you will need to carry a handgun for self defense.  Every single student, no matter what their experience level, can learn something new.

Why do I need a Concealed Handugn Permit?
The State of Colorado requires that you have a Concealed Handgun Permit to conceal a firearm on your person.

Is it difficult to apply for a CHP?
No.  Colorado is a "Shall Issue State" which means that as long as you provide proof of training, fill out a short application, and don't have a criminal record, you can obtain a CHP.

How old do I have to be to obtain a CHP?
You must be 21 years of age to obtain a CHP.

My son/daughter is under 21. Can he/she still take your class?
Absolutely! While you must be 21 to apply for your CO CHP (per Colorado State Law), this training is great for all new shooters. Many people take this class and have no interest in applying for their CHP; it's still a great Level 1 introduction course and is appropriate for all adults. If your child is under 18, contact us - there are still many great options available.

For how long is my training certificate valid?
Colorado requires that each CHP applicant have attended training within the last 10 years.  Our certificate is therefore valid for 10 years and meets all Colorado requirements.

Do I have to apply for my CHP in the county in which I live?
Yes.  You must apply for your CHP in your county of residence.  Each county sheriff has their own application.  Please visit your county sheriff's website for more information.  If you move to another county in Colorado, you must notify your previous sheriff within 30 days.

Do I have to register my gun?
No.  The permit is for the individual person and not the gun.  You do not have to list your firearm on your CHP application.

Can you help me choose a handgun?
There are many different factors you should consider before purchasing your first handgun.  We will be more than happy to discuss your needs and help you with your decision.  We do not sell firearms so we are completely unbiased in our suggestions, though we do have experience with certain makes and types so we will certainly give you our opinions!  For a nominal fee (free for previous students), one of our instructors will meet you at your local gun store to help you make a gun purchase decision that's right for you.  Let us know how we can help!

How long is the permit valid?
The permit is valid for 5 years from the date of issue and can then be renewed.

Can I use my Colorado CHP to carry in other states?
Yes.  This is called reciprocity.  Colorado has reciprocity with many other states.  You can always find an up-to-date list of states that have reciprocity with Colorado on the Colorado Bureau of Investigation Website (Colorado Bureau of Investigation).  Please remember, however, that you must always follow the laws of the state in which you are carrying.  A summary of the laws of each state can be found on the following websites:

Are your instructors insured?
Yes.  All of our instructors are professionally insured instructors.  Please be sure that your instructor is insured before you sign up for a class.  Any responsible instructor will be insured.

Where are we going to shoot? 
We do most of our shooting at the Ben Lomond Gun Club which is about 35 miles east of Castle Rock.

Do you have to be a member of the range in order to shoot there? 
No. We are members and we are authorized to teach at this facility. 

Do I have to pay extra to shoot at the range? 
No. All fees are included in the price of the class. There are no hidden fees. 

Do I have to have my own pistol to take a pistol training class? 
No. We have a few handguns (and rifles for the AR-15 classes) that are available for you to rent. We charge $15.00 per student for Handgun or Rifle Rentals

Do I need to bring my own ammunition with me to a training class? 
Yes. You will need to purchase and bring your own ammunition with you to your class. We will let you know how much to bring for your class. 

Do you offer private instruction? 
Yes. We've named that product on the website "Gun Lessons." We can provide private instruction for an individual for $60 per hour with a 2-hour minimum. For more information, please see our Gun Lessons page or contact us at info@CarryOnColorado.com for scheduling.

Would you consider teaching me about what you do? I'm interested in becoming a firearms instructor.
Of Course! Give us a call and we'll take it from there. Breaking into this business can be tough - but one way to get there is by having a mentor. Our community needs more driven, knowledgeable instructors and we'll help in any way we can.

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