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Jenna and Jeff

Our history

Carry On Colorado started offering Ladies Only classes so that Jenna can help share some of the experiences she's been through in her own life. Those classes have been a HUGE hit and Jenna is always looking for new and better ways to help out the women of our community accomplish their goals.

Our philosophy

Carry On Colorado is a family-owned, family-operated business that specializes in preparing real people for the increasing challenges of gun ownership. We're affiliate instructors for the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network. The right to Keep and Bear Arms was bestowed by our Creator - but with great freedom comes great responsibility. Part of that responsibility is taking ownership of our own safety and security. Jeff and Jenna have worked hard to mold this company into the company that you want and expect.

There are 5 pillars of this "table" related to firearms: military, law enforcement, competition, hunting, and civilian self-defense. Firearms instructors tend to approach their craft from one of these 5 pillars - and while some of the physical skills are transferrable to another pillar, the mindsets and the overall approach for each are very different. If your goal is to learn civilian self-defense with a gun, you're in the right place.

In our short history, we've quickly grown into one of (if not the) largest firearms training companies in Colorado - and one of the very few focused on civilian self-defense. Honestly, we never had plans to get into the firearms training business. But after taking many classes from many other "reputable" instructors, and having to filter through some horrible advice given by those other instructors, we knew that we could build a firearms training company that actually prepared our students and our community for the challenges facing gun owners today. Don't get me wrong: there are *many* great firearms instructors out there, and we've had the pleasure of making some great friends - but just like how we've all had bad teachers in school, not all firearms instructors are created equally. Many of our students are now some of our best friends and we are dedicated to treating each of our students the way we want to be treated when WE take classes!

In 2015, Jeff and Jenna were certified as Use of Deadly Force Instructors by the Massad Ayoob Group. Massad Ayoob hasn't offered that credential for 7 years, so we were lucky enough to be one of the 42 instructors in the country to join the ranks of the old Lethal Force Institute deadly force instructors. We were the first in Colorado to get this credential that we're aware of, and while we certainly won't be the last, we're very honored to study with Massad Ayoob and Marty Hayes!

Whether your goals are to get your Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit (CO CHP), to find a way to make that new holster disappear on your body, to take your knowledge and experience you already have to the next level, to learn about how violence works, or simply to learn how to shoot a gun to protect yourself or your family, Carry On Colorado can help you achieve your goals. Our affordable classes are convenient, informative, and fun.

There are other firearms training establishments around that are focused on training what we call "tactical operators." That's not what we're about. We want to help *YOU* accomplish *YOUR* goals, not ours. Tactical assault vests and night vision devices are awesome - but for most of us, it's not reality. We're not trying to turn you into Navy SEAL wanna-be's - we just want you to be comfortable with firearms as part of your daily life.

To those ends, self-defense is clearly something we feel very strongly about, which is why we have made a significant departure from most of our peers in this industry. We don't teach shooting! Teaching someone how to shoot usually goes like this: "Ok, hold your hand here, put your feet here, both hands on the gun, squeeze the trigger..." and involves targets that don't move, people that can't move, in perfect indoor conditions, etc. In our opinion, that's a significant disservice to our community (bear with me for a second). Instead, our goal is to teach you self-defense using a gun! Self-defense is a lot like the Indianapolis 500 - sure, knowing how to steer and how to work the gas and the brake are part of it... but only a small fraction. If your goals include using a firearm as part of your self-defense plan, we can help!

From the FAQs page: What is going on with your "self-protection" classes? Aren't you a firearms training company?
Violent encounters that lead to the need for self-defense or self-protection can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to situations that unfold slowly over a long period of time. If you, God forbid, ever need to use a firearm to defend yourself, your "gun skills" are applicable for likely only a second or two. Granted, that could very well be the most critical second or two of your life and you get one chance to get it right. But so many firearms companies begin and END their training for those brief moments, and to us, that's selling you only a small piece of the self-defense puzzle. Understanding violence, how it unfolds, social scripts, attack indicators, etc., could very well mean that you can avoid those "shooting moments" altogether, and THAT is the goal. After all, shooting encounters do NOT have winners, only varying degrees of losers.

"We don't sell guns, we just want to help you learn how to use them responsibly." We've been in your shoes as we struggle with how to protect our family inside and outside the home. We also know what it's like to have a child living in the home with guns. Safety is paramount for us, and it always will be. How can Carry On Colorado help you today?

Carry on, Colorado!

Concealed Carry

Our Instructors

Jeff Meek, Owner of Carry On Colorado

Jeff Meek

Jeff Meek

Jeff is a lifelong shooter and hunter and avid 2nd Amendment supporter ("Shall Not Be Infringed!") with several years experience as an instructor and trainer in the military and civilian world. A United States Air Force Academy graduate and officer in the USAF, Jeff was both an Instructor and Evaluator to officer Missile Combat Crew Commanders in the Minuteman III ICBM weapon system. He has a Master's Degree in Information Resource Management from Central Michigan University and now works as an Information Assurance Engineer. The answer to “What was the name of Jeff’s rock band in college?” is “A Habit of Denial” (Jeff played the drums). Jeff is married to another avid shooter, Jenna (below), and they have a young school-age son who is just getting interested in the shooting sports himself. Jeff teaches all our classes, particularly the Level 1 - CO CHP Class, the Level 2 - Real World Techniques and Mindset class, and classes out at the range. In addition:

  • 250+ hours of formal, professional firearms training
  • Massad Ayoob Group Certified Deadly Force Instructor
  • NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Certified Rifle Instructor
  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
  • USACarry.com Registered Instructor
  • Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network affiliate instructor
  • Trained with Massad Ayoob (Use of Deadly Force Instructor and MAG-40 graduate), Tom Givens (Combative Pistol 1 graduate), Marc MacYoung, John Farnam (Defensive Urban Rifle), Don Stahlnecker, Kathy Jackson (many classes including 2-Day Instructor Practicum, Handgun Retention 1 and 2, and more), and Oleg Taktarov "The Russian Bear," among others
  • In addition to many civilian firearms courses, he has completed of the following military firearms courses/training: Expert qualified marksman in the Air Force M9 qualification course (completed the course 15+ times, qualified “expert” each time), Qualified in the Air Force M16 qualification course, Member of the US Air Force Academy Pistol Team, shooting both 10 meter air pistol and 50 meter free pistol; qualified for US Nationals
  • Shot a 300 out of 300 on the timed Police Pistol Qualification course and a 299 out of 300 on the MAG-40 qualification course
  • Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit holder
  • NRA Member
  • Washington Concealed Pistol License holder

For the lighter side, check this out (and no, this isn't really Jeff):

Jenna Meek

Jenna Meek

Jenna does all the real hard work for Carry On Colorado. She's been involved in the shooting sports for the last several years and can't get enough! A native of New Hampshire (Live Free or Die!), Jenna spent 14 years in the mortgage banking industry and just recently gave that up to focus on the company and teaching full time. She loves her Springfield EMP 9mm and takes her AR-15 to the range every chance she gets. She's our expert in concealed carry for women, especially holsters and even gun recommendations. Jenna teaches our Level 2 LADIES - Real World Techniques and Mindset for LADIES class as well as the Level 1 - CO CHP Class in addition to our range classes. To read some of what Jenna means to Carry On Colorado, read this. In addition:

  • 400+ hours of formal, professional firearms training
  • Massad Ayoob Group Certified Deadly Force Instructor
  • NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
  • Graduate of The Cornered Cat's Apprenticeship Program, an 18-month personal development journey that encompassed direct instruction, hands-on coaching, and opportunities to practice her teaching skills under the direct supervision of an experienced trainer in a wide variety of settings.
  • Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network affiliate instructor
  • Trained with Massad Ayoob (Use of Deadly Force Instructor and MAG-40 graduate), Tom Givens (Combative Pistol 1 graduate), Marc MacYoung, Don Stahlnecker, Kathy Jackson, John Farnam and Vicki Farnam, among others
  • Regular contributor to Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast
  • Qualified on the timed Police Pistol Qualification course
  • NRA Member
  • Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit holder
  • Washington Concealed Pistol License holder

Read more about Jenna in her writeup on SheKnows.com!

Marc MacYoung

Marc "Animal" MacYoung is one of the world's pre-eminent experts on violence and the criminal mindset. Marc has taught police, military, martial artists and civilians around the world. His message is always the same: Hand-to-hand combat is a last ditch effort when other, more effective, preventive measures have failed. Marc has written 20+ books, 5 videos, and since the age of 10, he has studied several styles of martial arts, including Karate, Wing Chun, Baqua/Hsing-I, Five Family Gung fu, Boxing, Western swordsmanship, Kali and various forms of Pentjak Silat.

MacYoung grew up among -- and spent the last 40 years dealing with -- people who used violence and weapons to get what they wanted. Who would, in fact, not hesitate to use violence on another human being for nothing more than a whim. He knows, first-hand, that criminals and abusers are not good people gone bad, but bad people gone worse. These are the people he clashed with, fought, hunted and stopped from harming others. He lived to write about it and to teach what it takes to survive just such situations.

Marc's lifestyle and professions have always put him in danger. Over the years he has worked as the director of a correctional institute, bodyguard, bouncer, cooler and security at events with a daily gate of 30,000 (and entirely too many beer stands). Intermixed with those high-risk occupations came the perils of living in some of the worst areas in Los Angeles and the problems arising from going head-to-head with local gangs, drug addicts, abusive husbands, thugs and bikers. He was first shot at when he was 15 and has since survived multiple attempts on his life, including professional contracts. Some were work related, others were personal, arising from his "somewhat dim" back ground (With hindsight, he wonders if the definition of "dim" refers to "shady" or "not too bright" -- unfortunately, both often applied to his actions). He's an expert in knife attacks, teaches around the globe, and we're proud to call him a friend. He's truly one of THE experts in this field, and he's worth getting to know.

Marc is now "retired" from that crazed and dangerous lifestyle. He lives in Colorado with his wife Dianna, where he writes, lectures, and teaches internationally. He teaches personal safety and sefl-defense to the public, making your martial art street effective and knifework to martial artists, defensive tactics to law enforcement and he doesn't talk about what he shows the military. He spends the rest of his time raising his "kid" and trying to convince cattle (the only animal stupider than a gang member) to go from Point A to Point B.

Marc teaches our Self-Protection classes.

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